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Private one on one
2 days intense training
 ( no experience required )
Schedule below 

Microblading Stroke Mapping

Time: 10am to 5pm (Lunch Included)


Color Theory Workshop

  • color theory and understanding pigments

  • skin undertones and color correction

Brow and Fundamental Stroke Creation

  • Understanding facial structureand symmetry

  • Eyebrow design exercises

  • Perfect shape drawing using a ruler and thread

  • Different hair stroke patterns (Various techniques for custom brow creation. Step by step strokes schemes.)

  • Learn two advanced hair stroke patterns for building the ultimate manual eyebrows

  • Mapping exercises to build eyebrows

  • Analyzing and creating various brows 

  • Perfecting stroke patterns on latex and stroke depth

  • Second pass stroke practice


·      ​

Student Live Model Practical

Time: 10am - 5pm (lunch included )


  • Homework Review

  • Live Model Practical - Bring your own model or one can be provided for a small fee

  • Discussion of training and Q&A

  • Issuing of MI Certificates

After the Training

  • Six months of continued support

  • Review of healed work

  • *Apprenticeship opportunities available

Kit  $399 

  • Blades

  • Pigments

  • Wax Brow Pencils

  • Blade Sharpener

  • Anesthetic Cream

  • Anesthetic Gel

  • After Care Cream

  • Manual Hand Tool

  • Student Manual & Workbook

  • Disposable Hand Tools

  • Eyebrow Shaver/Razor

  • Color Wheel

  • Surgical Markers

  • Pigment Rings & Cups

  • Forehead Adhesive Ruler

  • Practice Latex Skin

Your Instructor

  • Microblading Master Artist and Senior Educator of The Microblading Institute

  • 10 years of Brow and Makeup Artist Experience

  • 15 Certifications in Permanent Makeup

  • Served 1000's of clients, and trained over 300 students nationally and internationally.

  • Trained in Taiwan where the permament makeup strats

  • Trained in Korean with is first powered brow ( ombre ) strats

  • Trained in USA by those top international trainer and their uniq technic 

  • Machine strokes                                           Elena Copaceanu

  • Color theory                                                  Yulia Demidova

  • Complications of PMU                               Yulia Demidova

  • Extreme natural-look microblading          Ksenija Karabegovic

  • Extreme natural-look combo technique (microblading + shading) Ksenija Karabegovic

  • Stardust eyeliner, lips, brows                      Sviatoslav otchenash

Emily Lee

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So Happy With the Results

I came in on Friday, 8/24 for my 5 week touch up on my microblading, ombre treatment. In just an hour Emily completed enhancing my brows. I am good to go until next July! The end result is amazing and my husband and family think the transformation is astounding. I very enthusiastically recommend microblading and most especially Emily to you.


By Shelly W


Great Work

Emily is a very warm and caring person. She listened carefully to what I wanted, as well as my concerns, and then gave me her professional advice. I’m glad I listened to her! I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. One of the best decisions I have ever made was to get the microblading and the ombre brow treatment! It saves me a lot of time in the morning, And I still look human when I wash my makeup off. My husband thinks I look great.

By Terry Glazier G


Nice Work

Nice work and nice location! Overall it was a very pleasant experience, Emily is efficient and professional. She can pinpoint any problem very quickly and get to the job done. I would recommend her!

By Jennie C


Great job!

I had a great experience with Emily! She is knowledgeable and professional and I trusted her to do a good job with my brows. I loved the end results and I would highly recommend her.

By Samantha M


Your Trust Will Be Well Placed

I am 72 years old and have had missing brows for at least 20 years. I found Emily & Creation Brow & Lash through Yelp. I met Emily prior to the appointment and within a few minutes I could tell by her advice, demeanor and care that I was in the right hands. I am so happy with her recommended ombre procedure. Her prep work and careful drawing of the brows prior to tatooing made all the difference. I love the result and you will too. Make the decision, choose Emily and know you are good.


By Shelly Warden


Natural look

I want to start off by Thanking Emily for her nice work. Emily is a perfectionist and only will tell you the honest truth. I had my brows done and I love how natural it looks!

By Linda Huynh


Eyelash Tint

Emily is very professional and well versed in her craft. I appreciated her advise on other services as well. She wants whats best for her clients.


By J.K



I’m always pleased! My lashes are gorgeous! And Emily is always a pleasure! Professional and always is there for her appointments!


By Jewell J


Very kind and great work!

I went in with already tattooed eyebrows (the old school way, complete pigmentation "chola" style). I wanted something pretty but still bold. Emily used the angles of my face to show me what she recommended for me. I asked to have a bit more of a curve because I like arched eyebrows. She knew exactly what I meant, relined the shape until I was happy, and did the work so quickly! I am very happy with my new brows.


By C.G


I Finally Have Brows!

I had practically non-existent brows, so I was excited about getting my brows microbladed. I did a ton of research while looking for a professional to do this and was impressed with the work that Emily had done on her other clients. Emily did an amazing job creating my brows and I trusted her through the entire process. She is an absolute pro at this and I would recommend her to anyone looking to have microblading done. Thanks Emily!


By Joanna C

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