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Our "Microchanneling"service is microneedling... evolved!

  A tiny array of micro-filaments it's gently applied to create thousands of stimulating microchannels in your skin, and your immune system to produce proteins called cytokines, peptides and growth factors that help rejuvenate the structure of your skin. With little to no recovery time, and produces both corrective and anti-aging benefits.


  Procell improves the appearance of aging skin, increases the vitality of your skin, and reduces the appearance of

fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne & acne scarring. It also improves the clinical health of your skin by

stimulating a rejuvenation cascade that your body has built in, just waiting to be activated! Procell turns it on!


   In the past microneedling technologies (like the pens and rollers) relied on creating damage to the skin in order

to trigger tissue repair via your body's powerful wound healing ability.

  You’ll experience an almost immediate improvement in skin tone, texture, laxity, fine lines and wrinkles. And

you’ll see long term improvement that resists the aging process when you complete a series of treatments as

recommended by our team.


  Visible improvement in aging skin, acne and other scarring, uneven or hyper-pigmented skin; overall tone and

texture are visible after your first treatment with Procell. And with our expertise, we can show you how to make

those results last!


  A series of 4 - 6 or more Procell treatments, about once a month can dramatically improve your skin’s firmness,

smoothness, elasticity, hydration, sensitivity & tone. 


  The Livra Microchannel Delivery Solution used during treatment, and the Livra Post Care Cellular Renewal

Serum ; Healing Accelerator all contain hyaluronic acid and a proprietary Stem Cytokine profile including

peptides and growth factors that improve cellular communication during the skin rejuvenation cascade that

occurs in the days and weeks after treatment.



How it Works

As we age increased levels of Dihydrotestoterone (DHT) can effectively put the dermal papilla/hair

follicles into a telogen, “sleeping” phase. If hair remains in a telogen phase long enough the follicle

cannot be reactivated and balding occurs. Procell Therapies Hair Regrowth Serum (HRS) disrupts

the occupation of receptors on the dermal papilla prone to DHT contamination, re-awakening

dormant follicles to grow hair once again. Treatment works best on younger patients who have just

begun balding, but impressive results have been seen even in older patients.


Additionally, thinning hair may be caused by a scalp damaged by a dry climate, nutrition, stress,

certain drugs, chlorine, and/or environmental exposure. Over many years, the skin of the scalp

produces less growth factors and becomes less efficient at repairing damage. Because of this, the

condition of the scalp can eventually deteriorate to the point where it hardens (fibrosis) or hair

follicles become miniaturized. In the case of fibrosis, hair is unable to grow through the hardened



Miniaturization renders the hair follicles unable to perform their normal growth cycle. Both

conditions can lead to a cessation of hair production and the death of hair follicles.

Stem cells lining the hair follicles are crucial for production of hair, and the GF-technology

ingredients in this concentrated serum are selected to provide support to these stem cells, so hair

can re-grow. HRS improves the overall condition of the scalp, rejuvenating damaged hair follicles

and increasing circulation of nutrients for healthy hair. The serum’s action is enhanced by

protective flower extracts, which help maintain cellular health and lustrous hair.


HRS incorporates recent advances in hair follicle science. Specialized techniques influence bone

marrow mesenchymal stem cell cultures to produce conditioned media focused on hair growth

(Wnt-1a pathway) while twelve bio-identical growth factors and cytokines, each with proven

efficacy in hair follicle stimulation, are added to make this the most scientifically advanced product

of its type.


6 treatments as commended and can be up to 10 treatments.

Each treatment 2 weeks apart 

The patient’s hair regrowth is assessed every 2 weeks. The treatment series may be halted if

no further hair regrowth is observed, or continued at the 50% discount level until no further

hair regrowth is observed


Q:  Does it hurt?
A:  There is some discomfort during the treatment. There is no lingering discomfort and we have a number of strategies we employ to minimize discomfort during treatment.
Q: Can it cause scarring?
A:  No. It can improve the appearance of scars
Q:  What’s in the Stem Cell Serum?
A:  Hyaluronic acid and a combination of purified proteins designed to amplify rejuvenation. There are no human or animal cells, DNA, blood or other foreign substances. The product has been used safely and effectively for over a decade.
Q:  What will this improve the appearance of?
A:  Fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, stretch marks, hair loss, and rosacea are all conditions that MicroChanneling can improve.
Q:  How long is the down time?
 A:  You can apply make-up, sunblock and other topical products after ~90 minutes ( however we do not recommend until the next morning )

Q:  How will my face look immediately following a treatment?
A:  Anything from minor redness to a deep red flush, which clears up in 4 to 72 hours depending on how aggressive the treatment is.

Q:  How long before I can expect to see results?
A:  You will typically notice an improvement in the quality and appearance of your skin within the first 24 hours. After 2-3 treatments a thicker more robust, collagen filled cellular matrix will produce more consistent and noticeable improvement. And 6 or more treatments may be recommended for scarring, laxity and wrinkles. For hair regrowth some reactivation typically appears within the first two weeks, with noticeable improvement after about 5 weeks.

Q:  Are there any contraindications?
A:  Any condition that seriously impairs your immune system, active radiation or chemotherapy,  pregnant or nursing, uncontrolled diabetes, allergy to stainless steel, chronic inflammatory skin disease, Accutane in the past 2 years, hemophilia or a similar bleeding disorder

Q:  Can I combine this with other treatments?
A:   Dermaplane, Microdermabrasion or an enzyme peel may be performed immediately before MicroChanneling as long as the face is disinfected before MicroChanneling. Immediately following MicroChanneling, LED light therapy and oxygen may be applied.

Q:  Do I have to use the MicroChanneling solution / aftercare serums?
A:  MicroChanneling stimulates the body to release peptides, cytokines and growth factors that induce collagen production. As you get older, the stem cells that produce these vital proteins lose efficacy and decline in population, so microchanneling alone becomes less and less effective. Because of premature aging the MicroChannel Delivery Serum, and the post care Cellular Renewal Serum and Healing Accelerator become more necessary to produce improvement.  Use of the Livra products ensure the skin continuously receives potent, robust, pristine peptides, cytokines and growth factors even in between treatments. Think of diet and exercise – MicroChanneling without serums is like exercising without dieting.  Results will be good with MicroChanneling only, great with serums.


Pre Treatment

  • If you get cold sores regularly, taking acyclovir or valcyclovir starting one day prior to your microchanneling will reduce the likelihood of a breakout due to your treatment.

  • Discontinue retinol (2% or higher) or tretinoin at least 3 days prior to treatment.

  • For your first treatment, (and treatments at .25mm in general) numbing cream is typically not necessary, and you can expect mild redness and swelling, and a tight, warm sensation for between 4 & 24 hours.

  • If your liver, kidneys and immune system are healthy, taking an NSAID such as Ibuprofen 2 hours before treatment may reduce any discomfort.

  • Later treatments with longer needle lengths may require topical numbing cream, and can produce redness and swelling along with tiny flecks of redness for between 4 & 72 hours.

  • If you are being treated for hair loss, please arrive at the office with the shortest haircut possible and clean hair. Please do not apply sprays or gels.

  • If you are being treated with PRP or PRF drink an extra 24-32 oz of water for two to three days prior to treatment.

  • If possible, please arrive at the office without makeup on, and with a clean, (and for men a clean shaven) face.

  • If you’ve had Botox, Fillers or Threads injected you must wait at least two weeks before getting microchanneling. And you must be satisfied with the results before we can offer you any other treatments.


  • 1section $350

  • 4 sections $1305

  • 6 sections $1850

How may sections as recommend ? 
 It’s always recommend to do a series

( 4 sections ) but with someone needs a lot of work you can do one treatment Every 48-72 hours ... has to have 48 hours at least between each treatment and once see improvement can start doing once a week or once every 2 weeks or once every 3-4 weeks. 

( Included NeoGenesis Pro Post-Treatment Kit $ 87.50

Combine Mesotherapy

  • 1 section  $500
  • 4 sections  $1845
  • 6 sections $2615

( Included NeoGenesis Pro Post-Treatment Kit $ 87.50

How may sections as recommend ? 

  21-28 days for up to 4-6 sessions depending on medical  evaluation and treatment targets.

Combine BioRePeel 

  • 1 section  $650
  • 4 sections $2385
  • 6 sections $3380

( Included NeoGenesis Pro Post-Treatment Kit $ 87.50

How may sections as recommend ? 

   21-28 days for up to 4-6 sessions depending on medical  evaluation and treatment targets.

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