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Emily Lee

Emily is the owner and started Creation Brows and Lash from her deep passion of arts, design and creating for others. She has been involved in the beauty industry for over 10 years now and have also trained many students. Emily has traveled around to attend permanent make up classes to stay on trend with techniques. She is always searching for ways to improve in order to provide the best quality care for her clients.

Emily Lee Creation Brows and Lash

Dorisa Chan

Dorisa has recently joined the team and we are so excited to have her here. She trained professionally in Taiwan and the US. She has a deep passion for permanent cosmetics. With her extensive experience she is an expert specializing in eyebrows and lip blushing. In her free time, Dorisa enjoys learning the latest techniques, oi painting and designing. She is very detailed oriented and focuses on providing excellent customer service.


About Emily Lee

  • Microblading Master Artist and Senior Educator of The Microblading Institute

  • 10 years of Brow and Makeup Artist Experience

  • 15 Certifications in Permanent Makeup

  • Served 1000's of clients, and trained over 200 students nationally and internationally.

  • Trained in Taiwan where the permanent makeup starts

  • Trained in Korean with is first powered brow ( ombre ) starts

  • Trained in USA by those top international trainer and their unique techniques

  • Machine strokes                                         By Elena Copaceanu

  • Color theory                                                  By Yulia Demidova

  • Complications of PMU                              By Yulia Demidova

  • Extreme natural-look microblading          By Ksenija Karabegovic

  • Extreme natural-look combo technique (microblading + shading) Ksenija By  Karabegovic

  • Stardust eyeliner, lips, brows                      BySviatoslav otchenash

After working in the beauty and cosmetology industry for several years as a makeup artist, she saw a need to start her own business and
server her clients in the best possible way.

She wanted her clients to have a polished look that wouldn’t wash off at the end of the day or needs constant retouching.

She wants her clients to have a lasting look, while saving them time and energy. That’s when she began studying and practicing semi-permanent
eyebrow application through microblading and ombre/powered brow design and application.

Ms.Lee's designs a unique look for each client, paying careful attention to facial shapes and symmetry.
She gives her clients a simple and fresh semi-permanent design that her client can use as a starting point for a more dramatic washable makeup look.

Ms.Lee has over 10 years of experience in microblading and ombre/powered brow designs and implementation.
She travels to Korea, China, Japan and the United Kingdom to stay current on the latest trends and applications.
She regularly attends several seminars each year. Her expertise is focused on facial symmetry designs, pigmentation and ombre coloring.

She can also assist ther clients by removing existing color and giving them a fresh new look with base coloring.
Ms.Lee also has over five years experience in lash extension services. Her clients’ eyes pop with a combination of her eyebrow and eyelash services.

Ms. Lee is certified and licensed, and her facility is certified by the Health Department.

She also four years of experience in providing hands on training to others entering the field.


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